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UNIT Entertainment is an American entertainment company. It operates as an independent record label (music management / production company), film company, and visual | digital studio. Originally based in Nashville, Tennessee; founded by StemS’ Smart. [1] The record label is home to artists, engineers (D.V.Productions), and A&Rs for the label.

 The Video company (Shoot it,WE FAMOUS; mezmerized) 

is primarily used as a source of documentation with products overseen by the UNIT family at-large. Merchandise and Digital media is overseen by the UNIT family at-large.  

Launched from Nashville, Tennessee, UNIT clothing is an energetic merchandise brand influenced by some of the liveliest action-sports in the world, as well as some of the most fun personalities around the globe. UNIT’s World Headquarters is proudly located in both, ‘MUSIC CITY, USA’ (Nashville, Tennessee) & AGUA DULCE Los Angeles, California and sells products internationally.

UNIT is all about keeping life fun. Plain and Simple.

"We wanted to start a brand focused on bringing continuous light to such a dark place.

stated UNIT’s CEO when asked to describe UNIT. 

   We are not confined to one specific category; we are defined by reaching multiple platforms attempting to get across one Idea…. This effort is communicated though a variety of platforms like fashion, entertainment, and media. UNIT continues to grow and stay true to the commitment of collision-culture while operating by the mentality of “Onelove." UNIT continues to evolve and frequently collaborates with ‘big names’ whether its fashion, entertainment, or media.

UNIT is Forever. Fun.        

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